How 3D printing will help masking industry to reduce setup time?

Problem statements

Often company’s are working towards reducing their cycle time to minimise the overhead cost. Any change in setup time will significalty affect the cost of the product or services. Masking is required when there is requirement of selectively plating specific are of the part. as per the current method, masking with traditional method is time consuming and required skill set to perform the operation.

High volume production with pushing for delivery dates will lead to poor quality and unsatisfied employees at work.Apart from that this will become significant factor in the company’s growth if not taken care well.

Analysis and possible solution

Traditional method of Selectively mask specific area of the part are using tapping. but when it comes to accurately defining a boundary of the features it is very difficult and often required additional time. After thorough analysis of the masking method we come up with an idea of providing a 3D printed mold for their design and that way it will become very easy operation for workers.

We can help company to make 3D models for the mold for the requirement of selectively masking areas that does not required electroplating. We have years of experience in design and make parts that will perfectly fit when manufactured with Additive Manufacturing Technology.

For small volume production it is very beneficial if we can 3D print those masking stencils. We can also help in selecting right material for masking which will not react with electroplating process. Even advancing to that we are researching on how we can directly use 3D printed mask for custom electroplating application.

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