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    Where additive manufacturing uses a process of adding layers to build a final product, subtractive is the opposite of it. It removes material from an object to shape it as per requirement using various machining processes such as drilling, milling, grinding, etc.

    Instead of using traditional machines to shape a part, product, or tool, we can help you speed up the process with our precision CNC machining services. With technological advancement, CNC machines are the best option for subtractive manufacturing.

    You can send us your requirement, and we will get them done for you at our workshop. We are only serving in Canada. Fill out the form below to get a quote today.

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    As mentioned in the above section, subtractive manufacturing includes material removal processes such as turning, drilling, milling, cutting, grinding, etc. Our CNC machine shop has the setup ready to kickstart your work. You can see our portfolio in the “Our Work” section.

    To get started, fill out the form below, along with the CAD design to get started.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The job price will depend on many factors, including the machine hours (1 hour of machine time = 1 machine hour), the size of the part, finish requirement, quantity, size of the material and so on.

    The cost also depends on how complicated the part is and how much time it takes to produce it. Many machining shops quote their jobs based on the number of machine hours needed to make the parts, which is essentially the time the machine is running.

    The exact price will vary from shop to shop.

    CNC machining services are services offered by machine shops to their customers. CNC machining or computer numerical control is a term that refers to machining using the obtention of data by using a computer.

    CNC machining is a high-quality machining that uses NC files or program data equivalent to a manufacturing process such as milling, drilling, turning and boring.

    CNC machining is a lot quicker and more accurate than other methods. It can easily be used to place, drill and tap holes and slots, bore, ream and countersink, and contour a material.

    CNC machining is one of the most expensive manufacturing processes. It uses computers, precision cutting tools and a mechanical device to make the workpiece.

    It is often chosen over traditional processes because of its high efficiency and accuracy. Using this process can reduce the cost of manufacturing and increase the overall profit.

    The cost of using CNC machining depends on the part’s type, size and complexity. The material also plays a key role in determining the cost since some are more expensive than others. However, the price can vary, depending on many factors.

    The machining process’s duration depends on the product’s complexity and the material being machined. The more complex the product, the longer the machining process will take. But since there is less human involvement, the process is more precise, and the product quality will also improve. Many companies, which have to ship many products regularly, are opting for CNC machining.