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    Our Metal Fabrication Service Includes

    Laser Cutting

    Our Machine


    Bed size (4000mm X 2000mm)

    Power 5000W

    Capable to cut up to 25mm thickness


    Our Machine

    Hydraulic Bending Machine

    We can bend up to 1500mm length


    Our Machines

    MIG Welding

    TIG Welding

    Arc Welding

    Our Work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • High precision and accuracy
    • Ability to cut intricate shapes and designs
    • Non-contact cutting process, which reduces the risk of material deformation
    • Fast cutting speed
    • Minimal material waste
    • Ability to create complex shapes and contours
    • It can be used to create parts with multiple bends
    • It can be used to join two or more pieces of material together
    • It can be more cost-effective than other manufacturing processes, such as machining