Reduce Prototyping time with Additive Manufacturing

New Product Development

Developing a new product is a time-consuming process. Prototyping requires a lot of resources to convert into one successful product. Designers iterate their design as they reach to a different stage in the product design cycle and often we find waste associated with design changes. To check the functionality and physicality of the product designers always wants to go for prototyping. the traditional way of prototyping was time-consuming and also costly.

Prototyping with Additive Manufacturing

organizations have utilized 3D printers to make Concepts and Prototypes that were principally utilized for “fit and form” checks. Thusly, usefulness was not basic, since we realized that plastic 3D-printed parts were not going to be as solid as the infusion formed parts.

Now with the latest Additive manufacturing technology, we can print the prototype which will be useful to check all three aspects of the part fit, form and function. We can save a tremendous amount of resources and enable designers to go with more iteration of the production design, higher customer feedback with the advantage of fast 3D printing technology.

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