Custom 3D printed Tools have improved our Process Efficiency:Aerospace Industry

Current Process Deficiency

One of our customer in Aerospace Industry has given us an opportunity to review their process. Our Experts have identified root cause of major problem associated with material handling and safety of the finished features. This problem was repeatedly occurring and they wanted to find the solution.

Material handling was all manual process and there isn’t any safety measure for the finish features while doing subsequent other operations. for any manual operation after finish feature there is a safety alert provided on work cell or documents but there is not enough protection restriction physically.

Improvement Implemented

In order to keep the parts from any dings, dents or nick finish feature must have been protected with protection covers so there is no access for those areas for any subsequent operation.  we have made custom fit protection sleeve for the part’s specific features. those features are identified as a critical features of the part and that require added protection while there is any manual operation afterward.

Custom designed, Part specific, feature specific covers are slide fit on the part and we have chosen a suitable material which itself does not leave any marks on the parts while final shipment. Combined services like design – consultation – manufacturing which we provided to the company have added value to their process.

Results Analyzed

Results has been analyzed for the changes which we have made and how it reduced the scrap rate solely due to damage of the finish feature characteristics. Fast turn around of Project was crucial for the aerospace industry and our company’s advantage of all in one roof service have helped the company to complete this project within short time. Not only the time but it also helped in keeping the budge at optimum level.

After successful implication of protection cover for the one part they are interested in implementing this method as a standard process for any parts they manufacture within company.

Company have also identify that use of this covers while sending at sub contracting company for outsource work, gain confidence in damage free shipping method.

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