3D print Gear Inspection fixtures & Reduce setup time

Current Inspection method is time consuming

In process inspection of the gears required a gear pins to hold on place while checking its PCD. Holding Pins with clay is not very efficient and required considerable time for the setup. If pins moves by any chance then you have to repeat the setup again for the measurement.

In the complex part geometry gears are datum for every other features and it is very critical feature of the part. considering that fact, manufacturers are plan their process planning such a way that gears will be made at initial stage and then take a reference of spline or gears to finish grind other features.

3D printed Fixtures is the solution

Small ideas bring big difference !

While discussing possible ways to reduce the error and setup time for in process inspection of gears, we evaluated that holding pins in place with custom made fixture will be the potential solution for this problem. Our design team have gathered data of the input variables and work through the different design concept that will be perfect in terms of operation and accuracy.

Final design is easy to use by the operators and have maximum repeatability. Consistence measurement results between the inspection with fixture and their traditional method shows that 3D printed fixtures is a success for this application.

Many Metrology department’s problem can be solved with additive manufacturing application as designer have freedom to create their support structure as complex as possible. Also use of 3D printing will decrease manufacturing time for those complex parts. often this new technology allow designer to consolidate many assembly components into one single part.

let’s discuss further on your Metrology fixturization needs and we will come up with best design and manufactured model.

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